EAT LOVE – eating design concepts by Marije Vogelzang

EAT LOVE gives a fun and insightful overview of my work at the start of my career.

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In this download, you will:

access a rich source of inspiration

See how Marije has translated her creative ideas into tangible designs and get inspired by her way of thinking.

Explore your relationship with food through the art of asking questions

The book is based on 7 large fields where food and design can play a role. Marije explores these fields through asking questions which make you reflect on your relationship with food.

change your way of looking at food

If you are looking for change, you can be certain that this book can help you to take the first steps. It is all about changing the way you see and experience things.

Get insights into the start of Food and Design

Marije takes you back to 1999 when Food and Design just started and find out how the context of that moment of time influenced design back then.

Flick through once in a lifetime events and memories

Most of the projects in the book are one-offs, created specifically only for the moment it was intended for. You get to experience them despite missing the moment.

Get acquainted with the bigger picture

Acclaimed writer and design critic, Louise Schouwenberg, takes you through an engaging story reflecting on the world through the lens of Eating Design.

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You can’t afford to miss this if…

  • You’re an Food and Design fan!
  • You’re inspired by Marije’s work and want a closer look into her world!
  • You’re changing the way you look at food and how it relates to everything around you!
  • You’re curious about the beginning of Food and Design!
  • You’re looking for more inspiration from Marije!
  • You’re relationship with Food and Design is evolving and you want more!
  • You love exploring the world through the lens of Food and Design!

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