Illustrations Collection One

A beautiful and fun collection for you to enjoy

All of the illustrations you see throughout this site are from Marije. There are many more for her to share and this collection is full of them. Hopefully, these illustrations will make you smile as much as they will make you think.

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This Collection Will:

Show you another side of Marije’s work

Marije’s illustrations add to the quirk and thoughtfulness of her approach to Food and Design.

Be a great addition to your art collection

If you are interested in Food and Design, you probably also appreciate art in many forms. This is collection will add another layer to your experience of Food and Design.

Entertain you and make you think

Art is made to make us look at the world in new ways. These illustrations go hand in hand with how Marije’s approach to Food and Design does just that.

Inspire you to pick up a pen or a brush

The expression of Food and Design includes all forms of artwork. If you enjoy illustrating, this collection will spur you on to create more!

Create opportunities for discussions about food

Imagine looking through the pages of this collection with your kids or a friend and having fun discussing what comes up for you. There’s so much fun to be had learning and laughing together with this collection!

Encourage you to try something new

The cool thing about food and about creativity is that both are natural to us. When we see things in a new way through art, we can be moved to try something we haven’t tried before.

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Who needs to get their hands on this?

You must have this if…

  • You’re an artist wanting inspiration in Food and Design
  • You want to see more of what Marije creates
  • You’re excited about all the ways Food and Design come together in different art forms
  • You’re a parent and enjoy sharing artwork as a way to discuss important matters
  • You appreciate Marije’s perspective and want to add to your collection of her work
  • You have a great sense of humor and enjoy cheeky and thought provoking art

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